What is your eligibility criteria?

We are aiming to help most needy bright young student. We are giving priority to Ahmedabad and surronding area but inviting application from all over India.

Can I apply for scholarship after closing date?

No, you need to wait until next cycle of scholarship if you miss the closing date.

I’m not a resident of Ahmedabad, can I apply for funding?

Yes, however first preference given to Ahmedabad

Can I send my application in by email?

No, we only accept applications via our online application process.

I've applied before and was unsuccessful, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply irrespective of whether you've applied before. Every year the application process starts afresh so in the case of those who were successful in the grant process one year they are by no means guaranteed repeat funding.

If you still have question, please email hello@juhapura.com